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La Casenove
Displaying details and wines of La Casenove located in Fr-66300 Trouillas. French Wine
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Fr-66300 Trouillas
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Area Côtes du Roussillon
Contact Sales  Montes
vineyards21 hectares = around 53 acres (US)
_impterroirsCôtes du Roussillon
Red Wine  
On site Sales  Yes. Mon-Sat 10-12, 16-19
Restaurant  Yes
Description No details available on winery La Casenove from France. French Wine
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Wines of La Casenove French Wine
The red wines of La Casenove
La Casenove
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La Casenove is a winery in Fr-66300 Trouillas in the area Côtes du Roussillon.

La Casenove and Fr-66300 Trouillas (Côtes du Roussillon) are located in France.

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Wine from La Casenove located in Côtes du Roussillon (France): La Casenove.

Contact: To order wine from La Casenove please contact La Casenove in Fr-66300 Trouillas directly via email, phone, fax or website (see above).


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